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How to protect your internet browsing data


Hello friends welcome you at Friends, today we will talk about internet security. You can see or search on a product like e-commerce website Amazon, flipkart, and then close the website without booking or without buying anything. If you go to any website or social media, then the ads related to that product start appearing everywhere you have seen or searched on the e-commerce website. Have you ever thought of how this happens? You probably will not believe that all your objections are monitored. Online websites and companies take a commercial advantage of very personal information about your likes and dislikes.
protect your internet browsing

Who follows you on the internet

There are a lot of websites like Google and Facebook that keep track of very personal information about their users 'likes and dislikes. However, there is no risk to users from these big websites because these websites do not make users' data public.Websites like Google do not maliciously use your information in any way, but there are people in the world of internet, whose hands if someone's information If we take Mr. they get it wrong you can use do this mostly happens when the user's computer, laptop or malware or virus installs in Mobile. Therefore every user should have the best anti virus installed in his Smart Gadgets. By the way, it is very difficult to keep your personal information safe on the Internet. But if a little caution and caution is carried out, to a large extent, your personal information can be saved from going into another's hands.

Monitor your Outgoing Traffic

It is very important that you should know what is being accessed from your computer or laptop. To know this, open Start in your Computer or Laptop. Open the command window here (type command prompt in the search bar to open the command window). Now you will see a black screen that says 'C: \ Users \ Your Username' by typing 'netstat' next to the keyboard with the inter button. Now you will get information about all outgoing traffic released in your browser.

Stealth find hidden software

In some computers, some software runs in the background, which the computer user does not start. It is very important to search and close such stealth and hidden software. For this, right click in the desktop taskbar and click on 'start task manager' . Now a small window will open which lists all the processes and software running in your computer.Now you stop the process that you have not opened or you have no information about.

Do logout

Most computer and mobile users always keep their social media account logged-in If you do this, please be careful why this can easily track your activity. If you are logged out of social media like Twitter and Facebook then surfing on the internet becomes a bit difficult. So, after the end of the surfing, you should log out of your social media account.

use best browser

Whether you want a computer or a mobile, Internet Surfing requires a browser. In the world of internet, there are a number of web browsers that users use in their PC / laptop and smartphone. It is very important for secure internet surfing that your browser is very good and safe. By the way, You can use the browser but if you want to be safe on the Internet, use google chrome browser, chrome browser is Google and it is considered very safe and it is preloaded in android mobile.

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