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Google keeps track of your Android phone's location even when GPS is turned off


A new report has found that Google Location collects data even when the location service is closed in your Android smartphone. Quartz has claimed that location tracking on Android smartphones remains on-the-go, while one user has kept big security measures such as disabling the location, not using an app or putting a SIM card on the device.

GPS is turned off

The inquiry conducted by Quartz claimed that the Android device sends these information when the device is connected to the Internet. The report states that user location data tracking is being used since the beginning of this year. And the company usually receives an address from existing cellular towers even while the location service on the device is closed. Quartz reported that Google has confirmed this method.
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In a conversation with Quartz, a Google spokeswoman said that the company has been collecting cell tower addresses for push notifications and message delivery on Android devices for about 11 months. However, the spokesman further said that user location data was never stored in the meantime. He also told that after the end of November Google will stop tracking user location data as a cell tower location. The company said, "Android phones are no longer going to send cell-tower location to Google, under this service (users who can not be disabled)." There are several types of questions related to user privacy in the new report because several times People do not like to track their device location but they have no way to stop it.

A Google spokesman said in an email, "In January this year, we started using cell ID cadre as an additional signal to improve speed and performance of message delivery. However, we have never made cell ID part of your network sync system, so the data has been immediately deleted. "The report says that if any data was sent to Google, it was encrypted.
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Explain that Google has written in its terms and conditions for its service use, "When you use Google's service, we can collect your actual location and process the information. For the location we use many types of technology, using IP address, GPS and other sensors. These include Google's information, Wi-Fi access points and cell towers on nearby devices. "
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Right now, it is unclear why location tracking was used, but Google may have adopted this method for targeted advertising.
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