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New Feature Launch in google map


Google has added new 'Question & answers' section to Google mobile search along with its Android mobile maps. As you can guess by name, through the new section, you can find answers to your questions about a particular location on user map. Users can question-answer through the new section and at the same time, traders can easily communicate with the people directly.

On the issue of ensuring the accuracy and validity of the information given in the 'Question & answers' section, the search veteran said that the traders will also get the option to add mostly asked questions and answers. In order to ask or answer any question, the user will have to search any location in Google Maps or Search and then open the Local Business listing. After this, you have to go to the 'Question & answers' section.

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With this newly launched section, users will be able to answer the question of another user and ask questions as well. In addition to tapping the thumbs up icon, you will be able to vote for the good information entry. In a blog post, the company said, "The questions and answers abated will be shown at the top of the section so that the most helpful content can be easily accessed."

The company told in a blog post that when a user asks a question, Google will notify the businessmen and other users to contribute "knowledgeable answers". Once the question is answered, the company will also send a notification to the user. Tell us through the comments whether you are also excited for the new feature.

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