hack Wi-Fi

Hack Wi-Fi passwords

You can hack anyone’s Wi-Fi password. I do not take much time to come on my trick. Friends need to do the following to steal Wi-Fi passwords, so that you can hack,
So let’s know what things are needed-

  • You must have an Android phone.
  • Your phone should be of good performance,the processor should be very good.
  • Your phone must be routed.

First stage-

First of all you will have to download the Wifi Wpa WPS Tester “application from the Play Store in your android phone.

Second phase-

After downloading, install it, then open the application.

Third step-

You might see a green button, now click on it and search the Wi-Fi network.

After the network is over, click on the network and then a 6-digit PIN will appear in front of you. Now click on it where there will be a connect button. Once you click on your mobile, there will be a choice of “show password” and now you will see the password of the Wi-Fi after clicking on this option.


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