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The Different Expensive Trains In Indian Railways And How It Affects Common Man


According to an India Today report, additional user fees of 10-15 per cent were levied on a total of 7,000 stations, meaning that 700 out of 1,000 stations saw fares rise. Special Festival trains operated by Indian Railways (IR) charged fares 30 percent above the basic fare, and the IR suspended most concession arrangements for such trains while regular service remained suspended. The higher fees were paid on platform tickets used for other station facilities such as parking. 

Train fares are becoming more expensive as several decisions in the Indian Railways (IR) policy have led to an escalation in prices. Higher fares as a result of private train operations, the refurbishment of major stations and the withdrawal of concessions for fixed and special trains are unlikely to make the IRs passenger business profitable. Future fare increases should not lose sight of the fact that rail travel in India is heavily subsidised by the IR and passengers are transported at a loss.

The Different Expensive Trains In Indian Railways

Indian Railways took the initiative to bring tourists to luxury trains such as Palace Wheels, Golden Chariots and Maharaja Express. Indian Railways (IR) has increased fares for fixed and special trains by 30 percent above the basic fare. When we talk about fares for these special trains, we should not forget that travelling by train in India is heavily subsidised. 

On 31 March, the Ministry of Railways announced the launch of its first limousine charter service on M & S Royal India trains for the journey of six of its premium customers between Delhi and Jammu. The luxurious facilities will be provided to the Indian President, the Prime Minister and senior railway officials. 

In addition to the normal quota berths and berths available on many major trains, there is also a small quota berth for foreign tourists (FT). The quota of foreign tourists is 200 trains a day from a total of 9,000 daily trains and there are 2 seats (no more than 12 seats) in one or two specific classes. In order to use this quota, you will have to wait one day until berths in your chosen class are available at your chosen destination. 

There are 8 different classes on Indian railways and not all are available on every train. The slowest trains are classed as local passengers, as they are called at each station. They do not want to use these trains for long-distance or local transport. 

Indian Railways has asked for qualification proposals to review the capabilities of providers to integrate modern train operations into existing rail infrastructure. At present, private operators have invited qualifications bids for 151 trains for evaluation by the Railway Council which only represents a fraction of the total trains in operation (5% of the 2,800 Indian Railways Postal and Express services).

The Different Expensive Trains In Indian Railways

At the moment, regular passenger transport is paralysed by the COVID 19 pandemic, and various railways are offering special offers for these workers. In December 2019, the union's rail minister, Piyush Goyal, said the group secretary would examine the issue of allowing private train services. However, the railway board has postponed a pending plan to establish a provisional timetable for private train operations, which is due to begin in twelve clusters in 2023. 

The increase in ticket prices across the entire network from 1 January 2020 has been implemented in various service categories of the Indian railways. Rail announced a two cent per kilometre increase in fares for postal and express trains without air conditioning and a four cent per kilometre increase in fares for air conditioning. The Ministry of Railways issued an order stipulating that suburban fares for normal fares without air conditioning and suburban services would remain unchanged and be increased by 1 paise / km per journey. 

The Suresh Prabhu Indian Railways had an interesting way of countering the criticism by introducing flexi-fares and price increases for Rajdhani, Toronto and Shatabdi trains. A comparison was made in which trains travelling less than 300 kilometres by rail were compared with the relative fares of general class trains, sleeper carriages and buses. Ordinary labor costs for the 2020 fiscal year totaled more than 1.5 trillion Indian rupees in the system. Gorakhpur Junction Station is the longest platform in the world, and Ghum Station is a toy train line, India's tallest station reached by a steam locomotive.

The Fairy Queen was ranked in 1998 by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest locomotive in the world in regular service and its restoration with luxury trains has increased tourism in Rajasthan. The luxury cars were built in the 1930s for the Jodhpur royal family of Sheffield & Co., and were the first Palace on Wheels to be converted by Jodhpur Saloon. 

It matters that in this century only a tiny number of Indians, apart from the royals, have taken advantage of the comfort and luxury of travelling by Indian railroad. 

Under the management of Indian Railways (IRCTC), a total of 7 luxury trains exist in India : Maharaja Express, Palace Wheel, Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot, Royal Rajasthan Wheel, Royal Orient Train, Fairy Queen Express, etc. If the fantasy of travelling back in time and experiencing the great royal interests and intrigues fascinates you, then the luxury trains of India will exceed your expectations. The first luxury tourist train in India, the Palace Wheel, was a joint venture between the Indian Railway and Rajasthan Tourism conceived and founded in the early 1980s. The emergence of modern luxury train tourism in India stemmed from royal and official trains operating on metre-gauge lines in West India during the Second World War. 

Travelling in luxury trains in India is a combination of absolute chivalry and unimaginable opulence. These 7 luxury trains are aimed at tourists who want to explore India's rich cultural heritage in the bosom of luxury, with stunning interiors, majestic surroundings, sumptuous cuisine and the strictest security measures imaginable. 

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